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About Stainton Wines

About Us

Feisty, independent, opinionated and honest are the best way to sum us up.

Beginning in 1984, thirty long years ago, our overriding quest has been to source, import and sell the most characterful and interesting wines at every price point. Our £8 bottle of wine will be the best value £8 wine on the market for example.

We are driven by our passion for great tasting wine and as long as we can make a living doing this we are more than happy. Our overheads are low, there is not a great list of directors or investors to pay, we like to think this makes us competitive in price.

All the stock we offer is bought and paid for and held at our own warehouse in Kendal.

We are not a faceless PLC company; the original founder of the company, Frank Stainton, still works most days and the three other senior employees can boast a combined wine trade experience of 100 years !!

If you value old fashioned customer service, prefer to speak to someone who will give you useful and honest advice AND appreciate that you are spending money with them, then perhaps you may wish to buy your next case of wine from us!

Wine is at the heart of everything we do. Not balance sheets, sales reports or shareholder interim bonuses.

Ours is a simpler way of life and all our energies are devoted to offering you the very best wines we can find.

The majority of our wines are from like minded individuals. Passion, independence and honesty, with perhaps a soupcon of pottiness added to the final blend is what we look for in a winemaker !

Small scale production, privately owned and an ambition to go the extra mile in the pursuit of quality are all boxes we like to tick.

If you prefer a slick, impersonal wine company who are selling thousands of cases of the same mundane, factory produced wine, (whatever their advertising department may tell you), then I am afraid you are on the wrong website! I can assure you we are anything but .....slick!


Thanks for reading this, now do the right thing, go on to our wine pages, select some of our fantastic wines, pick up the 'phone, (I told you we weren't slick)and buy!! You will not regret it.






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