• chris60771

Did someone mention #Brexit ?

Well it has not been to the fore in recent months as Covid dominates the media waves,

but we are a mere 2 months from a break up with our friends across the channel.

Sadly we are old enough to remember trading with our European partners before the free trade agreement and we can anticipate how much more paperwork there will be come January 1st !

In the meantime, as we foresee absolute chaos at the Ports, for a couple of months,

at least, we are busy, quietly squirreling away as much wine as we can afford to buy, in an effort to not run out and keep the wheels of commerce turning, in the hope that the bureaucracy does not become to cumbersome and the import and export supply lines manage to sort themselves out.

So as this strange year enters its last few weeks and we hope for a better 2021, just bear in mind that your favourite, independent, family run wine merchant, will have plenty of delicious, handcrafted, characterful wines in stock ready for your enjoyment come January, whatever the Brexit gods decide to do !

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