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Greetings, one and all.

Lets talk wine, much more appealing than what is taking up most of our

conversation time at the moment ! !

The Northern hemisphere harvest will start towards the end of August, so

the annual cycle will begin again, Mother Nature cannot be held back.

Grapes will be picked, fermentation will begin; after Christmas the young wines will be tasted and assessed and then, depending on the wine and the part of the world it is in, blending and then ageing may take place.

So, in the vineyards, a sense of normality prevails and hopefully the same will happen in the wider world over the next few months.

We have been busy adding new wines to the site and tasting lots of different things along the way.

Our raison d'etre remains as always, searching out the very best wines from small, independent families and offering them at a fair price.

This will never change.

Enjoying well made, hand crafted wine with wholesome, fresh food is a very civilized and satisfying past time, something which has proved even more helpful in the recent past.

Have a browse through our range, we are sure there will be a few bottles to tempt you and if you are feeling particularly adventurous pick up the phone for a chat, if you would like any more information.....until the next time .......Salut

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