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Having been involved in the wine trade from a VERY early age, the passing of another ten years seems quite inconsequential !

As traditional, independent wine merchants, things tend to move quite slowly here, with regards in particular, to technology.... most of our effort and energies are invested in our quest to provide the most interesting and characterful wines we can find to our loyal band of clientele.

However we do realize that this social media shenanigans is here to stay, so the New Year resolution is to try and keep up to speed with the tech world and at least make it look as though we have a degree of "savvy" in this fast moving modern world!

Looking back through a decade worth of our price lists and brochures, several trends have emerged, some are here to stay; natural, organic more carefully made wines; veganism; authentic, small scale wine making; the rise and rise in quality of English (and Welsh) wines, sparkling in particular, to name but a few. Generally speaking, wine, per se, has had to fight a tough fight against its alcoholic peers to maintain a share of the market. The most obvious trend to emerge in the last 10 years was the behemoth called Gin ! from a humble, back of the cupboard, grannys tipple, image, it became, for 2 or 3 years THE must have drink.........as a cynical, seen it all before, curmudgeonly wine merchant one couldn't help but shake one's head in a rueful manner.........Marketing strikes again, the innocent, gullible consumer coerced into feeling good, parting with ten pounds in a bar for 25 ml of a simple, straight forward spirit served in a huge glass, lost in a mountain of ice and drowned in a ridiculously flavoured tonic water ....... how we tittered....

Alcohol now appears to be the number one target for the do gooders and puritans. They've virtually banished tobacco to the history books and now need to vent their zealous fervor on a new project. We agree that there are some disgraceful alcoholic products on the market that do need banning, but we STRONGLY believe that carefully made wine, from a small, family owned vineyard, shared with friends with some tasty food is, and will always be, one of life's great pleasures.....

Have a peruse through the wines on this site and if you are tempted do the old fashion thing, pick up the 'phone, ring our number and you will be answered by that rare beast, a human being, who is both pleased to speak to you and enthused by the product they will advise you on !

Here's to another decade...... Cheers !

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