Josef Ehmoser

This husband and wife team of Josef and Martina are a gentle, unassuming couple based in the hamlet of Tiefenthal in Grossweikersdorf, Austria.

They are quietly confident and articulate about their dedication to creating carefully produced wines, true to their region.

Josef and Martina Ehmoser’s respect for their heritage and their land is fully backed up by their actions.  They are fully certified under the AWWB Sustainable Austria program, which requires a thorough evaluation of nine elements covering all aspects of the vineyard and winery under Ecology, Economy and Society.

They have also installed solar panels to run the power and water for their house and the tasting room.

More importantly they are now in conversion to fully organic production, for which they will gain certification in two years’ time.

The Ehmoser label shows an abstract image of the landscape which surrounds them and that they have the utmost respect for. The sun shining over the Danube, a view of the foothills of the Alps, (that can be seen from Hohenberg on a good day) and the old winery hut and walnut tree in the heart of their vineyards on Hohenberg.

The vineyards around Grossweikersdorf are set back about 10km, in the rolling hills north of the Danube, The Ehmosers farm 17ha all of which is within commune of Grossweikersdorf and are spread acrossthe vineyards of Steinberg, Hausberg, Kobel, Hohenberg and Georgenberg.

Their largest holdings are in Hohenberg at nearly 8ha which account for around two thirds of the total of this single vineyard.  Recently both Hohenberg and Georgenberg have been accredited as Erste Lage and can be referred to as Erste Lage with 1 ÖTW appearing on their labels from the 2019 vintage.

In broad terms this is awarded, by an indepenedent body, to acknowledges top, single vineyards, which offer a classic, high quality expression of their region.

All in all a very very good team making delicious wines.

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